Jesus was a Follower

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Jesus was a Follower.

Jesus was a Follower

November 15, 2013


Not all leaders can lead like Gandhi, Lincoln, Churchill, or Jesus. Surprisingly, Jesus described himself as a follower.

He said things like:

  1. I do not seek my own will but the will of the Father.
  2. I have not spoken of my own authority.

Leaders follow:

You can’t lead if you don’t follow.

Authority is derived from following a vision that attracts followers. Vision is more important than character. Hitler was a leader.

I’m not encouraging you to be a low-character leader. But people with low character can lead if they articulate compelling vision. In other words,

Liars can lead, at least for awhile. But,
you can’t lead without a vision.

Others see where leaders are going and choose to follow.

Followers lead:

Regardless of what you think of Jesus, he thought of himself as a leader. He said things like…

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