S.M. Banerjee

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S.M. Banerjee (31 August 1919 – 26 December 1987[1]) was a former Indian politician. He lives in Kolkata but he won election from Kanpur. He win election four times as an independent candidate. But he was get supported from CPI. He was the head of mazdoor union in Kanpur.SHRI S. M. Banerjee, [Ind., (C.P.I. Supported)] U.P. Kanpur—1971, Son of Shri P. M. Banerjee; b. at Ambala Cantt., 31 August 1919; ed. at C. B. High School, Ambala Cantt.; and Cambridge Academy, Banaras; m. to Smt. Deepika Banerjee, 10 December 1945, s. 1; Trade Unionist; sympathiser of Communist Party of India; took active part in Defence Workers strike in 1947; arrested and convicted for 3 months; took active part in 1955 in 80 days strike of Textile workers in Kanpur and remained in Jail for one month and 20 days; dismissed from service from H. & S. Factory, Kanpur after the strike on 27 January 1956; sent to jail again in connection with Lal Imli Workers’ agitation in 1957; took active part in 1960 and also in 1968 Central Government strikes and was sent to jail; Took active part during State Government Employees’ strike in 1967 in U.P. and was sent to jail; Member, (1) All India P. & T. Council; (2) Telephone Advisory Council, Kanpur; (3) Divisional Northern Railway Council; President (1) All India Defence Employees’ Federation; (2) Government of India Press Workers’ Federation; (3) All India Linemen and Class IV Union; (4) U.P., M.E.S. Workers Union; (5) Provident Fund Employees’ Union, Kanpur; (6) Federation of P.T.I. Employees Union; (7) Ordnance Equipment Factory Employees Union, Kanpur; Vice-President; All India Insurance Employees Union; Member, Second Lok Sabha, 1957-62; Third Lok Sabha, 1962-67; Fourth Lok Sabha, 1967-1970. Banerjee died 26 December 1987 in New Delhi.[2]


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